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ECG Stress Test

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Rest ECG

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ECG Holter

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Cardiac stress test is a test used in medicine and cardiology to measure the heart's ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. With use of ECG, the test is most commonly called a cardiac stress test, but is known by other names, such as exercise testing, stress testing treadmills, stress test or stress test ECG.  The cardiac stress test is done with heart stimulation, either by exercise on a treadmill, pedalling a stationary exercise bicycle ergometer or with intravenous pharmacological stimulation, with the patient connected to a PC software for electrocardiogram analysis. People who cannot use their legs may exercise with a bicycle like crank that they turn with their arms. The level of mechanical stress is progressively increased by adjusting the difficulty (steepness of the slope) and speed. The  physician examines the symptoms and blood pressure response.

Mystress software

Powerful, innovative digital ECG STRESS TEST System PC based working with Windows platform. Data signal acquisition from the patient with USB or Bluetooth® interface. Extremely user friendly graphic for the recording of stress traces in immediate and precise way. Visualization and automatic measurements at 12 leads in real time with automatic calculation of HR, Power, BP, ST, METS, etc.... 



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On request a complete line of ECG carts for stress test exams.





PC ECG /Stress ECG /Holter ECG 3 devices in 1!!
High accuracy and research grade performance. Designed with rechargeable lithium battery and color LCD display. Usb and wireless (Bluetooth) data acquisition for maximum patient's safety and comfort. Recommended for MyStress Software.

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Wireless data acquisition only between the patient and the workstation. Small size. Fully compatible with Mystress Software....




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Run2011 treadmill

Last entry for treadmill Italian made. Good price and high performance: ideal for clinic and private use in bundle with our computerised Stress Test Software..

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Run7402 treadmill

Treadmill for use in Clinic and Hospithal. Italian quality and good price: a complete list of accessories for all applications and fully compatible with Mystress Software....


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Run7410 treadmill

Treadmill for intensive use in the hospital and the clinic. Also ideal for athletic patients. Possibility of various customizations. Italian quality and production. Fully compatible with our computerized Stress Test System.


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Run7409 cyclo

Ergometer with clean lines and functional. No maintenance required. Italian production. Ideal for small hospitals, clinics or centers of sports medicine. Fully compatible with our computerized Stress Test System.

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For a complete list of treadmill or ergometer compatible with our computerised Stress Test System, do not esitate to contact us.....


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