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ECG Stress Test

MyStress test system gives you a perfect solution for cardiology diagnosis as well as a fantastic user experience read more

Rest ECG

The best in PC Based and Conventional Electrocardiographs. Wireless and Wired Models available. read more

ECG Holter

Multi-channelAnalysis, QRS Template Classification, Automatic Arrhythmia Analysis, ST Segment Measurement, QT Analysis, HRV Analysis..... read more

About Services

First of all you can check the answers to your questions (FAQ) into product's User Manual. If you can’t find the answer or still have questions, please fill out a service request. For the request is necessary name and model of the product, serial number, and a complete description of the problem. Then sent these info to our Technical Service and Support team (; a specialist will contact you to provide assistance.

Services Overview

To ensure satisfaction at all times, our customer service team provides comprehensive service and support. TBR’s priority is to resolve issues as quickly as possible when a request for assistance is received. With experienced engineers, our team would provide quality assistance, guidance and advice to embody our aim to develop a close and continuing relationship with customers through constant communication. Quality service and support is one of the key reasons for TBR’s continuing success in today’s demanding markets.